Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Intellectual Property Takedowns Policy

If you believe that a certain webpage or document infringes upon your copyright or trademark, please let us know by sending us an IP infringement notice.

For copyright notices, your notice must meet all requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) (described below).

For trademark infringement notices, you must provide us with clear information about the location of the allegedly infringing work, complete information about your trademark, and your contact information (name, physical address, email address and telephone number).

You can send us a DMCA Notice or Trademark Notice by mail, email or via fax to:

Copyright Agent
212 Moravian Church Road
Woolwich Township, NJ 08085
Attn: Gary M. Gordon
Fax: (856) 282‑1130

Things to Consider Before You File a DMCA Notice

Once we receive your DMCA Request, we will review it, make a determination on the infringement and notify you in a timely manner. If we find that the DMCA requirements have been satisfied, we will timely remove the infringing content.